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Finding the Best Work Environment – Co-Working Space vs. Home Office vs. Cafes

Finding the Best Work Environment – Co-Working Space vs. Home Office vs. Cafes

According to the experts working at the software company Intuit, U.S. will have a workforce of entrepreneurs that will exceed 40% by 2020. The work environment has changed dramatically because of the way the world is progressing. Entrepreneurs and small business executives have plenty of ways to set up shop, which gives them many benefits.

Why is that more and more people are opting for alternate options when it comes to their professional life?

Well, for one, the topics of our discussion give you freedom. You are your own boss and moreover, working in a mentally stimulating and comfortable environment allows you to be to more creative.

Let’s have a look at the three options that entrepreneurs have when it comes to setting up their Mississauga office space:

Home Office

A home office allows you to work in a comfortable environment. Most important of all, it saves you a lot of money. It’s basically the cheapest option and offers flexibility. You can work in a tailored suit when attending meetings on Skype and change into your Pj’s for the rest of the day.

Then there’s the freedom to customize your workstation. You can go with decorations that are simple and classic or something that inspires you. You can have complete control over the noise, and you can work anytime and anywhere you want.

These are the good parts, but when it comes to the negatives, there are a few things that present a challenge. There are too many distractions at home, which can stop you from completing a project. You might take too many breaks, which will result in a low input.

Overall: Home office is all about saving on the commute and other things, especially when you are on a limited budget. For meetings, you have to look into rental space, and if this becomes a regular occurrence, the budget can get out of hand. Finally, you won’t be able to separate your personal and work life.


Cafés have become quite a popular spot for remote workers. A short walk or a quick walk to the café around the corner gives you the chance to work in different environments every day. Some people find the atmosphere here stimulating. However, a café has many drawbacks as compared to daily office rentals in Mississauga.

  • Environment: loud music and rowdy customers.
  • Reliability: issues with Wi-Fi.
  • Seating: you might not get a seat, and when you do, it’s in the middle, surrounding you with too much noise.
  • Security: you can’t leave your laptop on the tables when going to the bathroom. Plus, public Wi-Fi makes your server vulnerable to hacks.

Overall: This place does not offer consistency. This is why it is not an ideal Mississauga office space.

Co-Working Space

The shared tales at a co-working space in Mississauga offers you the opportunity to mingle and talk with other entrepreneurs in the industry. It is truly the best stimulating environment that allows you to pick other people’s brains regarding your business. You can either go for double shared tables or hot desking. You have access to numerous facilities and amenities such as a copier, printer, meeting rooms, etc. This workspace gives you a professional image, which you can use to attract more clients.

Overall: Depending on the type of co-working space in Mississauga you choose, it can get a little expensive, but the amenities offered are worth it.

Now that you know about the top three office spaces for entrepreneurs, which one do you think would work best in your favor?

At Whitehall Offices, different types of co-working Mississauga offices are offered that cater to a broad variety of clients. Give us a call at (647)479-6899 to find out how to book our co-working space in Mississauga.