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A Small Guide to Choosing the Right Co-Working Space in Mississauga

A Small Guide to Choosing the Right Co-Working Space in Mississauga

Are you planning to start your own business?

We understand how difficult it can be to work from your house when you don’t have access to all the amenities you need such as high-speed Wi-FI, printer, scanner and more. You might have a power outage in the middle of a virtual meeting—not the impression you want to make!

How do you expect to attract clients when every time you are on a video call, the feed freezes or the connection gets lost?

You will read many horror stories about the struggles entrepreneurs face when they are at the 1st stage of their business opening.

Samuel graduated at the top of his class and worked for 5 years in the corporate world. When he had made enough connections, he decided to open his own marketing firm. At first, he decided to set up base in his house. Although he had the basic essentials an office required, he was still missing many things. Mainly, he couldn’t exactly invite his clients to have a meeting at his home. The first year was a little slow but then business started to pick up. He finally got a call from a client in Indonesia, who was interested in working with him. He decided to set up a virtual meeting on the weekend.

What Samuel failed to take into account was the noise that spreads in the neighborhood due to kids playing. He faced a lot of disturbance during the meeting and top of that, just as he was about to explain his strategy to the client, the light went out. When it came back, the client wasn’t happy about the disruption but decided to still continue. However, this time, the Wi-Fi slowed down and the connection was quite shaky. The meeting ended there and then. Later, he got an email from the client that they didn’t want his services anymore.

Why Consider Mississauga Shared Offices

When it comes to renting co-working space, you have three options in front of you: hot-desking, sharing a desk in a fixed space and renting a private office. Let’s have a look at what each option provides you:

1.     Hot-Desking

If you are a freelancer, then this Mississauga shared office space is for you. This type of co-working arrangement allows you to network and meet new people every day. Not only is hot-desking pocket-friendly but it also gives you the opportunity to talk with other freelancers and get some inspiration from them.

However, since hot-desking contains 6 or more people sitting at the same desk, it can get a little loud sometimes. The area will always be buzzing with talk and if you like working in a peaceful environment then you might wanna find another desk. This brings us to our second option:

2.     Fixed Desk

In Mississauga shared offices, fixed desks allow you to rent space where you can work as long as you want. The number of people sitting with you is significantly less, mostly 2 or 4. If you still want some creative people around you, from whom you can seek advice, then this option is great for you. It’s less noisy and more open.

3.     Private Office

Whether you are working alone or are a three person’s team, private office is the space for you if you want complete peace and quiet. Here, you will get all the co-working perks of Mississauga shared offices and you will also be able to conduct separate meetings in a private setting.

In all three options, you get all the benefits such as high-speed Wi-Fi, unlimited prints, scanner, projector, LCD screens for presentations and more. The co-working space in Mississauga also has a backup generator, so that even if the power goes out, you will remain connected with your work and clients. Whitehall Offices offers different types of Mississauga shared offices that cater to a broad variety of clients. Give us a call at (647)479-6899 to find out how to book our co-working space in Mississauga.