What to look for in a Mississauga Furnished Office for short term? | Whitehall Offices
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What to look for in a Mississauga Furnished Office for short term?

co-working in shared offices

What to look for in a Mississauga Furnished Office for short term?


Before choosing a Mississauga office space, you need to look at your business’s structure to determine, which option will work best for the leaders and employees. Ask yourself these questions:

Where will be our employees in the next 4 years?
Will the office space be used for something else?
Does it matter how the clients and visitors will perceive our Mississauga office space when they enter it?
When it comes to work flexibility, what other ways can be used to get a project done?
Are there any workplace behaviors we would like to change?
What’s the layout plan for our current office?
Does the current work environment sustain productivity?

The design of the office says a lot about the workplace environment. It tells the visitors and clients about how different teams function, the office’s culture and the value of employees. Many offices now aspire for an open and transparent work environment but that doesn’t mean privacy is outdated.

Let’s have a look at how companies can choose between co-working space in Mississauga and private offices in Mississauga:

1.     Location
What are you looking for: core or periphery?
Deciding on a location is the first step and very important because it allows you to picture how you want people to have access to your building. Are you going for ease with a simple floor plan or something unique that clients might find interesting.

2.     Enclosure
Open or close?
When talking about the office as a whole, you have to think about three things: doors, ceilings and walls. Are the floors divided according to hierarchy or is it a single floor plan with various enclosures. This is where you have to think about whether you are offering your employees co-working space or private cabins. Depending on the type of business you run, a combination of both can be utilized according to the departments such as the former type for creative and the latter for HR.

3.     Exposure
Public or private?
The most important part of an office design is exposure. Many people prefer to work in a private space, as it gives them peace of mind and allows for focused attention. However, a friendly work environment can be maintained with shared offices.

4.     Technology
High tech or low tech?
Is it important for you to have the latest technology on the market, so that you can impress the clients with your business’s portfolio? In most cases, clients care about how fast and accurate work is presented to them, not how it was done. Again, depending on the type of business you run, you might not need an annual upgrade.

5.     Perspective
Inward or outward?
The workspace provided to employees must offer a clear view without any distractions. This depends on the layout of the furniture and the equipment.

6.     Size
Large or small?
Is there any difference between the workspace offered to the employees and the leaders? Depending on the departments, you have to think about how much space each team requires.

Consider all these factors before choosing any Mississauga office space. Following the right steps will help you identify your company’s and employees needs.

At Whitehall Offices, different types of Mississauga offices are offered to cater to a broad variety of clients. Give us a call at (647)479-6899 to find out how to book our co-working space in Mississauga or private offices in Mississauga.