What to Look for in a Private Event Space in Mississauga
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What to Look for in a Private Event Space

Anniversary Party at Whitehall Offices

What to Look for in a Private Event Space

Whether you’re hosting an anniversary party or a bridal shower, having a venue that comes with essential facilities is absolutely necessary to pull off any type of private event.

The quality of the venue of an event is what sets the mood of attendees and gives them an idea of what to expect. Needless to say, parking and other facilities of the likes need to be taken into consideration when you’re trying to book a private space for an event that you’ve put your heart and soul into.

Wondering what you’re supposed to look for when renting a private event space? Read on to find out.

Location of the Private Event Space

A safe, secure, and convenient location is of key importance when you’re choosing the venue for an event that you wish to make successful. At Whitehall Offices, we’ve got the perfect space available for booking in a location that is convenient and safe for private events ranging from birthday parties to baby showers.


You can’t host any event without good audiovisual equipment and high quality WiFi, and no one understands that like Whitehall Offices. Our private event space is not only fully accessible, but also complete with fast WiFi and audiovisual equipment that you’ll need for anything from music to playing videos of your favourite moments to make the experience even better for all of your attendees.


Parking is a hassle that no event attendee wants to go through regardless of how important the event may be for them. That is exactly why the private event space at Whitehall Offices comes with a large parking facility to maximize convenience for all of the attendees of your private events.

Ready to book your event space venue? Call us at 647-479-6899 today to find out how we can help you throw an event your guests will never regret.

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