Co-Working Space in Mississauga
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Is a Co-Working Space in Mississauga Right for You?

Co-Working Space in Mississauga

Is a Co-Working Space in Mississauga Right for You?

More and more businesses around the world are choosing co-working over having dedicated office spaces. This is a growing trend in Mississauga available from us at Whitehall Offices, and it might suit your needs, once you know a bit more about it. Is a Co-Working Space in Mississauga Right for You?

Don’t Rent Unused Space

Think about some of the offices that you’ve worked in before. The chances are good that there’s been some space there that’s been left unused. Rather than paying for what goes vacant, co-working or “co-sharing” enables you to only pay for the number of desks you use for the length of time you want to use it. This means no wasted space or paying extra without need.

Two Types of Workspaces

There are two options here: hot-desking or permanent desks. Hot desks are desk space on a first-come, first-serve basis. In other words, if the desk is free then you can use it for a certain time and an affordable fee. This could be an hour, a day or an entire month.

In addition to this choice, Whitehall Offices in Mississauga also offers reserved co-working, which enables you to have a full-time desk within a shared space. Your desk is for use by you specifically for as long as you continue to meet the contract.

Choosing the Right Provider

With Whitehall Offices, you will get a quality space, whether you choose co-working via a hot desk or permanent one. Each office rental in Mississauga is completely furnished, with desk and chair provided to you, for your convenience.

The competitively-priced space is cleaned regularly and has modern furnishings for a welcoming, comfortable, and professional space. Reserve your co-working space with Whitehall Offices at 4310 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard now by calling us now at 416-830-3174.

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