Whitehall Offices Rental in Mississauga
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What to Expect from Whitehall Offices Rental in Mississauga

Fully Furnished Offices

What to Expect from Whitehall Offices Rental in Mississauga

When you want a quality office space in Mississauga without a long-term rental contract, it’s ideal to go with a reputable provider like Whitehall Offices that provides more than just the basic four walls. Here’s what to expect from our rentals.

Many Rental Options

There isn’t just one rental package with Whitehall Offices. Instead, tailor your Mississauga office to include one or a few of the following: a dedicated desk or hot desk, monthly mail services, virtual assistance, and more. Also, you can rent out meeting rooms for a specific length of time, such as an hour.

As for the office spaces, the furnished varieties are modern in style and clean. You can have confidence that any clients coming to your rental will find it presentable, appealing, and professional. All of these office rentals are affordable too.

Included Services

With your Mississauga short-term office rental, you can expect the reasonably-priced space to come with many free features. Your monthly business space will come with free Internet and parking, as well as complimentary coffee and cleaning.

All utilities are included in your contract, and you will receive access to the building 24 hours a day. Whitehall goes above and beyond with these and other offerings, including free onsite gym membership for one person per office.

All of this can help you elevate your organization via a month-to-month contract with Whitehall Offices. Our high-value, fully-furnished offices are conveniently located at 4310 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard in Mississauga. Call us today to book a short-term office for your business needs.


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