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Disaster Workplace Recovery Office in Mississauga

Disaster Workplace Recovery Office in Mississauga

Natural disasters are unfortunately common. These disasters can come with or without warnings. Businesses can prepare for such in eventualities in advance and not wait for the last minute. Estimated economic losses from catastrophes such as the Japanese earthquake and the Hurricane Katrina are $ 350 billion dollars and $110 billion dollars respectively.

Big companies use dedicated workplace disaster recovery offices to keep their critical operations going. Small and medium companies which are more vulnerable and can risk losing sales and loyal customers. In order to ensure that the operations are carried on smoothly, an alternate recovery place is absolutely necessary. It can either be a dedicated space and a shared space within a business center.

Some of the most important things to consider before choosing a workplace recovery office in Mississauga are as follows;

  1. Location: The workplace recovery office should either be close to major highways or close to your existing workplace.
  2. Parking: You need parking access for your employees
  3. Technology: The disaster recovery office should have reliable wired and WIFI internet connections.
  4. Other: 24/7 access, coffee arrangements for the staff, clean place with meeting rooms and training rooms



In Mississauga,  offers disaster recovery offices located close to Highway 403 and Hurontario Street (close to square one mall), specializes in offering disaster workplace. They have surface and underground parking spaces, provide reliable technology and have three meeting rooms, co-shared working desks, small and medium offices, large training road and an on-site gym.